Friday, 28 September 2012


We stayed at our friend Yuki's house and she took us to Nara with her friends on Saturday. There was deer everywhere in Nara, they are all very tame and will get really close to you. :) I won't recommend to get the deer biscuits tho, they will chase after you and push you. 

This woman on the right was getting chase and she threw all the biscuit on the floor.

One of the Shrine that we went pass.

Yuki told me to take a photo of these two thing, but she doesn't know who they are.

Ahhhhh Bambiiiiiii!

Mushroom :)

We walked pass this little girl, she is sooooooo cute,
I asked to take a photo of her and her mom told her to pose and she did!!

Kawaii!! Yuki said when a child is 3 and 5, they have to dress up in kimono and visit the temple.
She said it is about growing up and get good health from the god.

All the love wishes



This sign is funny, the illustration is great.

More mushroom!!

We saw this  deer in the pond, and it was following us.

We stopped by this tea house to have lunch and we were eating on tatami,
my legs were so numb

Yuki with her ice-cream as lunch

turtle pond

Yuki's town