Tuesday, 2 October 2012

WHAT CHARLENE DID NEXT? 次の停車駅~京都 Next Stop - Kyoto

Yuki isn't with us in Kyoto today, we decided to follow my chinese guide book (which is me).
Kiyomizudera Temple was our first stop. The temple was quite high up, we can see the whole Kyoto city from there:D We then took the train to Arashiyama & Sagano. Since I was the tour guide, we took an unusual root up to a stone budda grave yard in Sagano which took us about 3 hours. It wasn't much of a touristy day, it was more of a hiking day. By the time we got to the grave yard, it was already 4pm. The lady there gave us 15mins to look around, I am not very sure if that 15mins was worth that 3 hours walked thoooooooo.  
Kiyomizudera Temple

Kyoto city view

Stone Budda Grave yard

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