Saturday, 22 September 2012


The next day we went to see Osaka castle, it was so hot again! The castle sits right up the hill, it was pretty much a hiking day for us. On the way up we met a puppy, he was super cute!! He was surrounded by many tourist (including me) and I overheard that he is a mix breed of husky and not sure what. When we got up the castle we realised that we had to pay to get in, as we are always cheap-skate so we just took a close-up photo of the castle and left. On the way out we saw the Samurai litter picker. Cool~

Bridge to go up the castle

The castle

The DOGG!!! OMG so cute!

Samurai litter picker

Close-up of the castle

Ok we have been to the castle now

a temple that we passed by.

I had to tied my fortune telling paper up,
because it said bad things. 

On the way to the metro station, we walked pass this frogs.
Japan is surely Kawaii.

:( can't get in. It was too expensive!

Cheap sushi ;D it was 79yen for one!

That's it for Osaka, our next stop is Kyoto!!

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