Friday, 21 September 2012


We got on an evening train to OSAKA on the 12th. When we got there it was about 11pm. We realised that we didn't have any Yen left  and our card only works on certain types of Japanese cash point. We were both starving,  eventually we asked a staff in an convenient store and he accepted our card. We both got ready meals and it was the best ready meal everrrrrr!

After we had that ready meal for dinner, we were full of energy the next day to go around OSAKA. We decided to visit NAMBA first since it was highly recommended on my guide book.

An Okonomiyaki restaurant that was recommended by my guide book,
and there was really a queue surely must be nice. 

Mmmmm it is nice ;)

I think i won at the end?

My favourite shop DAISO :D


This curry restaurant is really lovely inside. 
The decoration is still the same as its first open in 1900.
The food was very nice too.

Freshly baked Cheese cake.
Obviously I bought one.

On the way to the JR station,
we were both to tired and we had a lot of shopping with us.
We decided to go inside this home centre and it was amazing!
Look at these amazing Orchid!!!!

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