Monday, 17 September 2012

WHAT CHARLENE DID NEXT? 東京, 私はここにいます! Day 2

The second day in Tokyo we rented bikes to cycle to Asakusa. We went on a river side route which has the new build Tokyo Sky Tree on the other side. I was stupid enought to try and cycle and take photos at the same time so I ran into the wall and got a massive bruise for it.

This is me trying to cycle and take photos....

Tokyo Sky tree

A playground by the river - the panda and bee seats are so cute!! Kawaii

Here we are at Asakusa 

Japanese Rickshaw - Smile~

Kannon Temple at Asakusa
This girl is not so happy of me taking a photo of her classmates.

Some weird electronic pet toy that keep tracing the ball in the cage -_____-

These people keep fanning the smoke towards themselves.I asked my friend Yuki about it.
She told me that the smoke is good for the body, if you fan it towards you head, it makes you clever.
The three guys on the photo above were fanning the smoke toward the head a lot so I think they must be pretty stupid then. lol
My guide book said it is polite to wash your hand when you visit the temple.

This is a pet salon in Asakusa, I like all this dog teddy bear in the window.

A sword shop

which also sells knives

An arcade in Asakusa, this panda is hilarious, it cycles round and round the pole.
You can also try and win it in the arcade

We wanted to cycle to Akihabara but we went the wrong way to the Tokyo sky tree.
O well I might as well take a photo then..

About almost an hour we finally got to Akihabara.
Our first stop is Gundam Cafe and AKB48 cafe

Best shop for gameboy ever!

We went for lunch at this really good Ramen place.
For a bowl of ramen is about 1000 yen, which is not too bad.
If you can't read janpanese they also have an english menu.
This is their website.

Gee! Store There are so many different choices of Cashapon.
If you think you are sure too unlucky to get the one you want,
you can also buy the actual one upstair from this shop.


Grace Helmer said...

ahhh omg we went to that park with the panda and bee seats!! hope you're having an amazing time can't wait til you're back! :)

Charmean said...

Haha we must have done a lot of things you guys did :) can't wait to see you!!!

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