Saturday, 15 September 2012

WHAT CHARLENE DID NEXT? 東京, 私はここにいます! Day 1

Day 1 - We decided to go right into the centre of Tokyo and walk south to Tokyo tower and some art galleries. Our first stop was the Imperial park in Chiyoda, where the imperial Palace is. The park is pretty big and it was a very hot day so we just quickly checked it out and left. One of the exit leads to the Tokyo Comtempary art Museum Unfortunatly, it's closed on Tuesday so we decided to go to Roppongi Hills instead.
outside the Imperial park

Inside the park

Roppongi Hills

Me and Shen had lunch inside Roppongi HIlls, I had cold udon and Shen had Sashimi rice :D Oishi desu!

By the smoking area outside the main enterance of Ropppngi, it is a nice and quiet spot to see the Tokyo tower. Plus there is no need to fight with other chinese tourist to take photos. 

We then head to Shinjuku to find the really cheap udon place. I forgot to take photos, but the udon place that we went to is amazing :D For a bowl a small udon is 340 yen then you get to choose all kinds of tempura toppings. Here is the website of the udon place:

I like the 3D picture

There are a few Muji in Shinjuku. We stopped by this one which has a cafe in the basement.

Shinjuku at night

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