Monday, 22 November 2010


This is what I was going to say at the crit,
but I had a panic attack.. so I didn't get to say much of these.

My project is based on the book NEW YORK TRILOGY.

For my project, I have chosen to focus on a particular conversation between the Quinn and the old man,
which the old man explained: when we heard the word umbrella, we see the object in our mind, an object that perform a function. He questioned the writer (Quinn) when an object is broken, should we still call the object the same name? Due to the fact that the object no longer perform a function, it should be renamed. "Because it can no longer perform its function, the umbrella has ceased to be an umbrella, it might resemble an umbrella, it might once have been an umbrella..."

Neil Cumming said:

"An functional object has a metonymic relationship to meaning while in service, the effect and implementation of its function can be juxtaposed to produce a figure of meaning by contiguity. Outside of its immediate control, stripped of its function, in a museum, gallery or photograph for instance, an object operates more conventionally like a sign in written language."

My project is inspired by Thomas Thwaites - The Toaster Project and Richard Wentworth who subverts objects function and extends our understanding of them by breaking the conventional system of classification.

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